Tuesday, January 28, 2014

Prop protection foam frame

So here it is my final frame for tis project. I'll use this indoor frame to add features like altitude hold with IR sensors and wifi or bluetooth telemetry and flight control so that I don't need the analag RC transmitter and reciever any more.

This frame looks like rubish. And yes it is rubish. Unfortunatly I ran out of foam so I had to cut out small pieces from the previous frame en glue them all togheter with a lot of epoxy making it a little bit heavier. The total weight of this quad incl 1300mAh 2 cell lipo is 285gr.

3x2 inch props (motors mounted upside down)
- 1300 mAh 2 cell lipo
- Analog FM 40mhz RX/TX

Cut 5 foam strips with dimensions 20x40x200mm
Cut 2 foam strips with dimensions 20x40x260mm
Cut 2 foam strips with dimensions 20x20x120mm
Glue these foam strips with epoxy
In the center I cut out some foam where I mount the 2s 1300mAh battery.
The motors are attached to the foam arms with normal tape.
The props are mounted directly on the motor shaft. These props have a 1mm hole. You need to enlarge this hole with a "1.4mm" drill. Then you can push the prop on to the motor shaft.

I kept the same PID settings from the previous H-Frame. But this frame was flying much better with these settings. Because the battery is mounted in the center this certenly improves the stability.

Something I'll have the tune before I'll experiment with the IR sensors is the yaw authority and control. In order to yaw the copter has to create to much difference between the CCW and CW motors (props) causing it to become unstable. I also need to check to smoothen the RC control because it is reacting quick agressive on small stick inputs.

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