Wednesday, January 15, 2014

Foam H-Frame

The flight test with the X frame showed that the set of chosen components is good for further development. The initial goal was to make a small frame with prop protection. I have first created a small micro H-frame without prop protection. Just to see if the flight controller board can handle this.

- 800 mAh 2 cell lipo
- Analog FM 40mhz RX/TX

Cut 4 foam strips with dimensions 20x30x120mm
Glue these foam strips with epoxy
In the center I cut out some foam to allow all electronics to be connected
The motors are attached to the foam arms with normal tape.
The props are mounted directly on the motor shaft. These props have a 1mm hole. You need to enlarge this hole with a "1.4mm" drill. Then you can push the prop on to the motor shaft.

Because the NanoWii board was already oscilating with the previous 30cm x-frame and this H frame is half the size, I decided to lower the PID values before the first test flight. As you can see on the movie It still need some PID tuning to fly smooth. But fact is that again this setup on this small frame can fly. So up to the next challange...

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