Tuesday, May 27, 2014

Motor benchmark

I'm currently searching for the best match (prop, battery) with the Hobbyking BL1230 5300kv Brushless Inrunner Motor.

The specifications that hobbyking provides:
Battery: 3s (11.1v)
RPM: 5300kv
Max current: 8.5A
Dimension: 30mm x 12mm, 38mm(with shaft)
Diameter of shaft: 1.5mm
Length of front shaft: 8mm
Weight: 15.3g

After running my first benchmarks I noticed these specs are incorrect and misleading. It is not save to run this motor with a 3s lipo even at almost no load the motor gets extremely hot when connected to a 3s lipo. If you want a reasonable lifetime for this motor then use max 2s lipo. But a 1s lipo is the best way to go with less heat, best efficiency and longest lifetime. Also note that the 8.5 max current rating for this motor is at 1 Cell. 8.5 amps on a 3 cell will burn your motor instantly!

lipo comparisson benchmark:
- all benchmarks fixed prop size 3x2 inch.
- all benchmarks fixed output thrust level at 50 grams.

- all benchmarks fixed to 3 min run.

Battery Power In Temperature
3 Cell 23 Watt  > 70°C
2 Cell 15 Watt 62 °C
1 Cell 9 Watt 30 °C

As you can see from the benchmarks. When demanding the same output value of 50 grams thrust with the same motor and prop the input power value and the motor temperature changes depending on the lipo cell count. 

my opinion:
3 cell: don't do it!
2 cell: only if you have no other option.
1 cell: best choice.

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