Thursday, April 3, 2014

Bluetooth and joystick support

I bought a hobbyking Multiwii MWC FC Bluetooth Module to have telemetry and to replace my analog 4channel reciever at the same time.

The module creates a virtual com (serial) port via the wireless bluetoorh communication. It is plug and play and works very well with the MultiWiiConf utility. So having acces via my laptop or pc to live in flight telemetry data is very easy to setup with this module and the MultiWiiConf software.

But I want to control and fly this quad via my laptop or pc with a normal joystick or gamepad. So I don't need the standard pwm reciever any more. For days I looked on the net and even started a forum thread at the multwii website to find an application (laptop, pc, windows compatible) that could do this. I found nothing so I started to make it myself.

I currently have a Beta version ready. First is a small java application that lets the user select the desired joystick or gamepad and let the user link sliders or buttons to channel 1 - 8. The configuration can then be stored in a file.

Then I have adapted the official MultiWiiConf sourcecode so that is reads this configuration file created by joystick configuration application.
It initializes the joystick or gamepad, reads its values and sends it via the RCSerial protocol to the flight controller.

The movie below is a little proof of concept. The flight controller is connected to my laptop via an USB cable. Because I have no RC reciever connected you see my RC channel go crazy. Ones I press the new joystick button the joystick or gamepad data is send to the flight controller via the virtual com port (over usb cable). Normally this will also work in combination with the wireless bluetooth module because it has the same type of virtual com port.

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