Friday, January 10, 2014

Foam Copter

This is the first version of my diy foam quad. It has a 30 cm X frame made of foam. The goal is to make it even smaller and make an outer prop protection foam ring. The total weight of this quad is 215gr including lipo.

- 800 mAh 2 cell lipo
- Analog FM 40mhz RX/TX

The foam parts are just glued together with epoxy.
The foam arms are 20x20x150mm.
The center section is 60x60mm
The motors are attached to the foam arms with normal tape.
The props are mounted directly on the motor shaft. These props have a 1mm hole. You need to enlarge this hole with a "1.4mm" drill. Then you can push the prop on to the motor shaft.

It looks like the i86L flight controller doens't like small frames. I had this controller on heavy 60cm quads and it works great. But on all my small/light quad's I can't get this flightcontroller to fly smooth and stable. So I'll try the Nanowii next time.

The 1230 5300kv brussless inrunner can provide +170 gram of thrust on a 2 cell battery with this 3x2 prop. But then it gets extremely hot after just 2 seconds. At 100gr thrust it consumes 36 watts and gets warm. As soon as you demand more power it gets hot immidiatly.

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